Pay-per-click campaigns

With sponsored links campaigns you can increase the number of visitors to your website quickly and proportionally to the investment made since these types of campaigns work with a pay-per-click system.

These links, in the case of the Google Adwords system, are those that appear next to the search results, usually to the right and above these listings and are characterized by having a cost only when a user visits your website by clicking on One of these ads. Currently also Facebook Ads offers a great tool for ad campaigns that offers very interesting and productive segmentation features.

They are highly recommended at times when you need to make a special promotion launch of a product or service, Christmas campaign, etc.

For its good operation it is necessary to analyze in depth the objectives that are pursued when launching the campaign of announcements and thus to create a good strategy and suitable criteria in order to maximize the performance of the chosen keywords with the minimum cost by Possible click with relative ease, and depending on the difficulty presented by the search terms chosen, place ads on the first page of results of related searches.